8 Benefits of Being a Work at Home Mom

Working at home has its rewards.  Moms are finding ways in which they can achieve a work-life balance by working from home.  One in particular is being able to spend a Monday morning in the middle of December in your hot tub brainstorming ideas with your friend and fellow mom-owned […]

How to Make a Family-Fun Road Trip Binder

Every summer we embark on an annual family road trip to Arizona.  I know you are wondering who would actually chose to take two kids on over a three-thousand-mile trip every year?  Well, that would be my husband and I.  Sure, taking a plane might be easier and quicker, but […]

Moms Need a Time-Out Too

  I took a picture of this sign while I was at my first ever wine tasting tour with my mom over the summer.  It is hard to imagine that this little sign could inspire this blog post, well it did just that. I am sure many moms can relate that […]

Backpack Safety Tips

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (2018), more than 14,000 children across the United States will be treated for backpack-related injuries during the school year.  Below are some tips that can help ensure your child’s backpack is fitted correctly to help reduce injuries.  According to Dr. Eleonora Kleyman, […]