One Pan Quinoa and Black Bean

My family is always looking for Meatless Monday dishes to add to our weekly menu.  When I first sat out to create this recipe, I knew I wanted to make sure it was packed with protein and vegetables that my family would love.   I start a lot of my […]

Roasted Brussels Sprouts

My youngest son used to eat Brussels Sprouts for breakfast, lunch , and dinner. You would have thought that he would have got tired of them, no way! As a soon to be teenager, he still loves them. He may not love all veggies but I know that I can […]

One Pan Mexican Quinoa Skillet

Needing a simple and quick dish that is full of plant foods?  This One Pan Mexican Quinoa Skillet is a great addition to a plant-based lifestyle and is full of lots of great flavors of the Southwest.  I could cook Mexican or Southwest themed dinners every night of the week.  […]

Veggie Spring Rolls

This week has been a week of firsts. Because I believe in creating a healthy lifestyle, not a diet, one of the key components has been making healthy meals taste good. I do not believe you need to give up the foods you love, but instead you can make them […]