Clean Eating

In the spring of 2013 after my youngest son had his first seizure and a couple other medical issues, I started researching what I could do for my family that would not only help us learn about how to improve our eating habits, but also help us better understand how we could use food to improve our health.  After researching the internet, I came across some You Tube videos from Natalie Butler.  What I learned from her videos really drove my passion to change to our families eating habits to clean, non-processed, real foods.  

I thought it was fitting to share with you one of her videos that helped me see the importance of how real foods can help you get the nutrition your body needs and why you should avoid processed foods.  Here is a link to that video  You can find more of her videos on You Tube, buy just typing in “Nutrition by Natalie” or by visiting her website at  

In the past six years since I found Natalie’s You Tube videos, I went from being a mom that disliked cooking to one that gets excited about creating my own clean eating recipes.  Whether I am creating my own clean eating recipes or sharing ones I found, my goal is to share with you that you can make your favorite meal using all clean ingredients that your family will love.

 I look forward to sharing my clean eating recipes with you and hope that I inspire your next family meal.


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