Sometimes your “Aha!” moment comes from a scary time in your life. This was certainly the case for me and my journey toward this moment as the Clean Food Mama.

But listen, if you’re looking for someone who has it all figured out when it comes to health and nutrition, that’s not me. If you’re looking for someone who is still on a journey and is learning some nuggets of wisdom along the way, here I am.

And I’m so eager to share what I am learning. 

A (Sleep-Deprived) Wake-Up Call

In 2013, I received a diagnosis of sleep apnea. In addition to the obvious sleep disruptions this causes, it can lead to significant, long-term health problems. I was on a road that likely wasn’t going to end well.

At the same time, other loved ones were battling serious medical conditions, as well. And a common theme for all of us was how our eating habits were not supporting our overall well-being. 

I knew it was time to make changes for myself. And more than that, it was time to help my children set a new relationship with food while they were still young. But it had to start with me first.

Baby Steps, Forward and Backward

As an avid learner, I wanted to get some knowledge under my belt, so I began by watching Nutrition by Natalie videos on YouTube to learn some basics. I needed to understand how food works and how it could serve my body.

I soon adopted a clean food eating plan and then a plant-based lifestyle because I could see and feel the difference. And my family was on this journey, too. We felt better. We slept better. We had more energy.

But that doesn’t mean that everything always went just right. The number on the scale has gone down and back up and back down over the years because, spoiler alert, I’m human! 

Overall, though, I am learning how to let my body be what it needs to be by nourishing it the best I can.

Reclaiming a Joyful Life

Life now looks very different than it did in 2013. My family enjoys multi-generational living in the Pacific Northwest with an eye toward homesteading in the future.

When I’m not hanging out with my family or trying new recipes for Clean Food Mama, you can probably find me exploring my other passion, acrylic pour painting. Being alone with my paints is one of my happy places, for sure.

My journey isn’t over. I haven’t arrived at some end goal. I’m just learning and exploring and living and growing. And I invite you to join me any time you’re ready!


This is my best furry friend (BFF) and office co-worker, Zoe pictured below.