Empowered Wellness Talks, Season 1, Episode 3-The Toxic Issue and how to get Clean with Krissie Lenahan

Season 1, Episode 3 of the Empowered Wellness Talks is Krissie Lenahan, High School Health Teacher and Founder of Live Pure Mama.


The “Toxic Issue” and how to get “Clean”

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Join Stephanie as she sits down and talks with high school health teacher Krissie Lenahan to discuss what is in our ever day products and the tools to help empower moms who want to create a safer and healthier home for their families.

About Empowered Wellness Talks

Empowered Wellness Talks are hosted by Stephanie Collazo MSOL, CHC, and is an online resource that brings in experts in the health and wellness field to help empower women who want to create healthy habits for themselves and their families.

About the Guest

Krissie lives in Washington State with her hubby, Joe, and their 7 year old son, Jacob. When she’s not playing games, wrestling or playing soccer with son, she is super passionate about empowering women, especially moms with the tools and knowledge to choose safe products.

Krissie herself has struggled with fertility issues and has experienced the loss of loved ones who died of diseases highly linked to the harmful chemicals in many of our mainstream products. One of the things Krissie loves most about being a high school health teacher is the teaching part.

She truly feels blessed to have found this passion and this company and hopes that her advocacy through it can positively impact many many families. Her end goal is to help you lower your “body burden” and that of your kids so you can live a longer, healthier life!

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Website: http://www.LivePure.biz and www.livepuremama.com

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About the Host

Stephanie Collazo is a Certified Health Coach, co-founder of Clean Food Mama, and received her Plant-based Certification from the Center for Nutrition Studies at eCornell.

Stephanie is the mom of two teenage boys and lives with her family in Washington State.

Inspired by her own health journey, Stephanie’s passion is to share what she learned along the way and to be an inspiration to other women who are embarking on their own health journeys.

About Clean Food Mama

Clean Food mama is an online resource helping get more plants on the family table.

Learn more about Clean Food Mama and get access to plant-based recipes, tips, and resources that have helped Stephanie lose over 130 pounds and create healthier habits for herself and her family.



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Stephanie Collazo, MS, CHC is the founder of Clean Food Mama, to help you get more plants into your diet. She shed 170 lbs by incorporating a whole foods plant-based diet and loves empowering other women to create healthy habits for themselves and their families.

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