Welcome to the Rooted Table Talks with Stephanie Collazo

“Rooted Table Talks” is a heartening and enlightening series hosted by Stephanie Collazo, the passionate founder of Clean Food Mama.


This inspiring monthly series, launching on February 27, 2024, on the Clean Food Mama channel, invites viewers into a world where food is more than sustenance—it’s a source of connection, healing, and community.


Stephanie takes viewers on a journey into the local community, visiting farmers, producers, and small business owners who are the unsung heroes of the whole food, plant-based lifestyle. It’s a celebration of the bonds that form over fresh, nourishing produce and the shared commitment to wellness and environmental sustainability.

But “Rooted Table Talks” goes beyond the community visits. Stephanie opens up about her transformative health journey, sharing the very tools and tips that helped her lose 170 pounds and foster a new, loving relationship with food. These talks are a platform for learning, sharing, and growing together.

They feature easy-to-follow, delicious plant-based recipes that the whole family can enjoy, practical advice for adopting a sustainable lifestyle, and engaging interviews with wellness experts who provide supportive insights for women embarking on their wellness journeys.

Rooted Table Meal Planner

For those women looking for a deeper connection and tailored support, Stephanie offers the Rooted Table Meal Plan Membership—a community where members gain exclusive access to recipes, meal plans, and the collective wisdom of like-minded individuals all rooting for each other’s success.

“Rooted Table Talks” is not just a cooking show; it’s a mission to empower women to take charge of their health and happiness through the power of plant-based eating and community spirit.


Join Stephanie Collazo and be part of a transformative series that brings more than just plants into your life—it brings hope, inspiration, and a shared purpose. Connect with Stephanie on Social Media @cleanfoodmama

Stephanie Collazo, MS, CHC is the founder of Clean Food Mama, to help you get more plants into your diet. She shed 170 lbs by incorporating a whole foods plant-based diet and loves empowering other women to create healthy habits for themselves and their families.

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