Are you considering a plant-based diet, but not sure it’s right for you? 

Does any of this sound like you?


It is such a mental load to try and figure out dinner ALL. THE. TIME?

You are looking for easy plant-based recipes?

You have been plant-based but need more variety?

You want to set a healthy example for your children, but you feel overwhelmed figuring it out?


If any of those statements resonate with you, then you are in the right spot, my friend. 

Welcome to the Rooted Table Meal Planner that helps answer the question of:

“What’s for Dinner tonight?”



No More Guessing

Each week you will be given a 5 new recipes with information on what foods to buy, prep, and cook for each recipe.

Cook Delicious Plant-Based Meals

Get the recipes directly to your inbox with step-by-step instructions and tips to help you create delicious and nutritious plant-based dishes.

Save Time and Money

Customized shopping lists to go with each recipe so that you don’t have to think about it.

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What is included in your 

Weekly Meal Planner?

  • Get 5 plant-based recipes each week
  • Cook healthy, delicious plant-based meals 
  • Printable menus and Itemized grocery lists
  • Get access to a library of plant-based, tips, and resources
  • Exclusive nutrition and cooking tips
  • A private online community for support 
  • Monthly Cooking Shows
  • Discounts on other Clean Food Mama Products & Services


Ready to join us? Jump in, and let’s get started!


Frequently Asked Questions

The Rooted Table Meal Planner by Clean Food Mama is the plant-based solution to “What’s for dinner?!” Each week, subscribers receive a recipe collection for the week that includes easy-to-make recipes for the whole family.  

We create these recipes to feed a family of four.  Some of our recipes have larger portions, making them great for leftovers.  

Yes! All our recipes are family-friendly and have been tried and tested by our own kids. 

As long as you are a member of the Rooted Table Meal Planner, you will receive a PDF emailed to you each week with 5 new whole-food plant-based recipes, an itemized grocery list to help save you time and money.

Weekly whole-food, plant-based recipes that you can use in your meal planning.   

Each week comes with its own shopping list, organized by aisle, to keep you and your family on track and save you time in the grocery store.

Bonus Blank Meal Plan Template so you can plan your week out that works with your family’s schedule. 

Use our prep and plan guide to help simplify your life and get a start on your week.

Tips and tricks for streamlined meal planning, grocery shopping, and cooking to save you time and money.

Access to a library of plant-based and vegan recipes with a variety for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, including a snack list for adults and kids a like, because who doesn’t love a good snack….might as well make it plant-based. 

Monthly Cooking videos showing you step by step directions on how to make the meal planner recipes in your own kitchen. 

Tools and Tips that helped Stephanie Collazo, the Founder of Clean Food Mama lose 170 pounds eating whole foods. 

Get the support of a private online community helping you in YOUR plant-based journey, whatever that may be. 

You will have access to whole-food plant based recipes that are oil-free,  dairy-free, vegan-friendly, and free from refined ingredients.  Make simple and easy recipes that don’t take hours in the kitchen or have strange ingredients.

These are delicious and not boring. we promise! You can use these recipes as your main dish or as side dishes.

Enjoy a variety of whole food plant-based recipes including: Mexican, American, Italian, Asian, Thai, and Indian cuisines.

Our recipes are perfect for plant-based beginners or those that are looking to get more plants into their diet. 

The only guarantee that we have in our meal plans is that they are plant-based and/or vegan.  We highly suggest if you have a food allergy to things like gluten, soy, nuts, or seeds, that you seek the advice of your doctor before starting the plan. 

We have two different subscription options both offer a Free 2-Week Trial. The monthly subscription is $7.00 and the annual plan for $49.00.  

As soon as you sign up, you will receive your first week’s recipes emailed directly to you along with a grocery list, and the link to a library of plant-based recipes.

Then each week after, you will be emailed 5 new recipes directly to your inbox. 

Absolutely! You can purchase a gift card for an Annual Meal Planner Membership HereYour lucky recipient will get access to our meal planner recipes, tips, and resources whenever they are ready to get started. 

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If you have any additional questions about the Clean Food Mama Meal Planner, please email us at [email protected]

Wishing you the best in your plant-based journey!